7 Ways to Eliminate Dog Dandruff

Can your dog get dandruff? The answer is yes! If you've found some flaky white stuff in your dog's fur, we'll discuss the 7 best ways to eliminate this problem.

This article examines dog dandruff and will suggest the 7 best ways to eliminate it, including prevention tips. So let's get started!


Dogs - like humans - are prone to dandruff, which is very similar in appearance as well. In most cases dandruff occurs when the skin cells die and start to flake off. Dandruff in dogs is nothing but a pile up of dead skin cells and when the dog scratches, more layers keep flaking off.


The most normal cause for dog dandruff is the natural process of skin cells dying and flaking off. However, if the dandruff keeps recurring frequently then you have to watch out because there is definitely a more serious underlying cause at work.

Some of these causes are:

- Allergies, parasites, infections
- Poor hygiene
- Low level of fluids in the body
- Low level of natural oils and fat in the skin
- Poor natural body nutrition
- Poor grooming and massaging of the skin
- Not bathed regularly
- The most common cause unfortunately, is improper grooming.

Dogs need to be brushed regularly to stimulate the oils in the skin.

- Poor diet can also lead to dandruff - if the dog has only dry food
- Skin irritants like harsh shampoos can lead to dandruff

Here are 7 ways you can help eliminate your dog's dandruff:

1. As soon as you see signs of flaking skin cells or dandruff, give your dog a bath. Use slightly warm water and a mild shampoo. This should do the trick if it's a case of regular dead skin cells.

2. If the dandruff persists, try using a medicated pet shampoo with oatmeal sold specifically for this purpose.

3. Olive oil is very good for the dog's skin and can be massaged into the skin at regular intervals.

4. There are also specific natural dog skin balms that help clear up skin problems and you should have a look at these as well (just use Google or your favorite search engine).

5. You also want to make sure your dog gets a balanced diet, not just a dry food diet.

6. Groom your dog regularly and make sure his living conditions are of a high hygienic standard.

7. Regular baths at reasonable intervals usually takes care of the problem.

Tip: Sometimes your dog is just plain lonely and keeps on scratching itself. Spend more time exercising and playing with your dog.


Regular grooming is really all that is required to keep your dog's coat healthy and shining.

While it is good to bathe the dog regularly, it is not advisable to over-bathe...

Olive oil massages and a little olive oil in the food helps a lot in maintaining a healthier skin.

Make sure your dog gets a high quality meal that contains a good balance of proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Make sure that your dog always has plenty of fresh, clean drinking water - this will help to hydrate the skin. This is essential if you live in a hot, arid climatic zone.

Give your dog plenty of exercise.

It is recommended that you not take dandruff lightly. I suggest you monitor how quickly it reappears and, if the condition seems to be worsening in terms of fur loss, excess shedding, excess scratching and rash, consult a Vet immediately. Dandruff in dogs can sometimes lead to very severe illnesses like kidney failure so don't take it lightly.

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