Dog Scabbing 101 - What You Need to Know About Dog Scabs


If you've noticed scabbing in your dog's skin and other skin problems erupting all over your dog's body, it may be because of a developing skin infection caused by different factors such as the environment, the food that your dog eats, certain substances in the house that causes scabbing, or others. There are a lot of reasons why dogs develop scabs such as abnormal sebaceous glands, parasites like fleas and mites, and severe sores due to irritants. So you need to know what the factors or changes are to be able to cure the disorder and prevent it from occurring again.

The thing about dog scabbing is that these are usually the end result of too much scratching and itching, which normally causes sores to develop in the areas where the scratching occurs the most. Dermatitis, a general term for dog skin disorders, usually is the diagnosis for dogs that experience pain, itch, and irritation all over their bodies and would scratch endlessly, causing them to pull of their fur, lick and scratch raw skin, and develop sores that later on would develop into scabs. Another explanation for dog scabbing could be flea bites that have healed over, so most likely there would be cases where you would find fleas dwelling within those scabs.


Here are some solutions that would help stop your dog from forming scabs and treating scabs that have already manifested in your dog's body for quite some time:

  • What you can do to prevent dog scabbing is to give it regular flea baths in which the scabs would eventually come off on its own. It is important that the baths are done every one to two weeks so that the flea bites will be able to heal and be prevented in the future when your dog is ready to go out and play again.
  • Try not to pull out too many (or at all) of the scabs as this is usually discouraged because of possible scarring, especially when the scabs haven't healed yet over time. Most vet nurses and practicing doctors would encourage dog owners to take their pets to clinics and veterinary centers for good treatment. Though this would be more expensive than home remedies, in most cases flea bites and scabbing heal faster with proper medication and treatment.
  • Visiting the veterinarian is always a good idea, especially if you're handling strays, because they will be able to observe if the dog has other diseases and skin infections that could be causing the abnormal dog scabbing. Another reason why it is best to take dogs with scabs to the vet is because these scabs are normally caused by parasites like mites and fleas, so even humans could get affected by this skin disorder.
  • I also recommend you check out products that naturally help to clear up dog scabs by working with your dog's immune system. Some of these products will also help to relieve scratching and itching that accompanies or causes the scabbing.
by Brandon Roe

If you're looking for more information on what to do, the World Wide Web is usually the best place for information and actual forum discussions between pet owners and vets. You can also call the hotlines of vet clinics if you think professional advice is needed.

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