Working Dogs: Mastiff (English Mastiff)

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Perhaps Asiatic in origin, the Mastiff comes down from ancient fighting dogs. In 55 B.C. it fought beside its masters in Britain against Caesar's Roman legions, and later at the Circus in Rome, when dogs were pitted against bulls, lions, bears, and tigers. So useful it was as a guard against wild animals that Anglo-Saxon law demanded it on large estates. It is a massive and strongly built dog, slightly arched over the loin, his forelegs straight and hind legs beefy. His head is broad and slightly rounded between the ears, the muzzle stark, forehead a bit wrinkled, dark eyes set apart, and V-shaped ears falling near the cheeks. His long, tapering tail drops straight in repose and produces a slight curve when the Mastiff is in action. The coat is coarse, short, and close-lying.

WEIGHT: 135-185 pounds
HEIGHT males at least 30 inches; females at least 27 1/2 inches,
COLOR: apricot, silver fawn, or dark fawn-brindle, with dark muzzle, ears, and nose

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