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While your dog goes out walking he might need protection against winter cold. The universal rule is: when you put on a topcoat yourself, set a sweater or coat on your dog if he is used to living in a heated house. Naturally, when he is let out for a couple of minutes to scamper around the yard or when he goes for a walk on a mild day, he does not need to be bundled up. But if he is out for any duration of time, or walked in cold or wind, he must wear a covering.
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Should each dog wear a sweater or coat? The bigger, long-haired breeds don't need clothing of any type, particularly when fully grown. By that time their thick undercoat, covered with a coarser outer coat, protects the body from the cold. The flimsy puppy coat, however, isn't weather-resistant. Hence, if your pet is still bearing his puppy coat on his first winter, keep him moving outdoors and dry him well when his hair gets wet. For the fine-haired, thin-skinned, small breeds kept as house pets, these would require sweaters or coats on cold days.
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Pet shops typically stock several different types of sweaters and coats for dogs. When selecting one, be sure that it covers the dog's chest, since this is the part that calls for the most protection. Fancy forms that are made of flimsy materials might be pretty to look at but are not much protection against the cold. Raincoats serve another purpose, naturally, and protect the neck and back including the chest. These save the owner loads of work, too, since a dog that's walked uncovered in the rain should be dried well when he comes in.
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Have your puppy get used to clothing of some sort while he is still young, for you never know when it might be useful. When sick, a housebroken dog often insists on going outdoors to relieve himself and, at these times, will require extra protection. Be cautious when putting on a sweater for the first few times. Don't scare the dog by pulling it over his head and ears. Rather, hold the sweater in one hand then place your other hand through the neck opening and spread it sufficiently to slip over the head softly.

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