Toy Dog Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

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Named for the English county of Yorkshire, this terrier was produced by workers about 1860 to control rats in mines and mills. He hails back to Waterside Terriers, rough-coated Black-and-Tans, Paisley and Clydesdale terriers. A popular pet in Victorian times, this is a spunky little dog, covered from top to toe with a wealth of glossy, silky hair that's parted down the back and hangs directly to the floor on each side. The body is short and dense with a level topline. The head is small, relatively flat on top, having a short muzzle, dark and sparkling eyes, and small V-shaped ears that are carried upright.  It is also called the Yorkie and is considered one of the hypoallergenic dog breeds.

WEIGHT: under 7 pounds
HEIGHT. 7-8 inches
COLOR: steel blue and tan. 

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