Bernese Mountain Dog

image via Wikipedia

The ancestors of this breed were brought in to Switzerland more than 2,000 years ago by invading Roman soldiers. The dogs acted as watchdogs on farms in the canton of Berne who worked as drovers, drawing wagons for basket weavers. A good-looking, strong-boned dog, the Bernese has a long, silky jet-black coat having rust markings on the cheeks and spots over each eye, on all four legs, on each side of the chest, and under the tail. A white blaze graces the muzzle and forehead, white chest markings form an inverted cross, and there is white on the tip of the tail and the feet.

WEIGHT. 80-110 pounds
HEIGHT: males 24 1/2-27 1/2 inches; females 22 1/2-25 1/2 inches
COLOR: black with rich rust and clear white markings. 

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