Working Dogs: Great Pyrenees

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The Great Pyrenees or the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is an ancient breed that comes from the earliest-known Asian Mastiffs. It was named after the Pyrenees Mountains, where it worked as a shepherd dog and protected its flocks from wolves and bears. It was a darling of the French royal court in the 17th century. Immense size and a majestic air differentiate the Great Pyrenees. Its head is large and wedge-shaped, measuring about 10 to 12 inches from dome to nose; with sloping dark eyes and V-shaped ears. Its body is strong, his bushy tail long and low when relaxed, but curled high over the back and "making the wheel" while alert. Its coat is his crowning glory—heavy and fine underneath, having a top layer of thick, coarser hair, straight or a bit wavy.

WEIGHT: males 100-125 pounds; females 90-115 pounds
HEIGHT: males 27-32 inches; females 25-29 inches
COLOR: all white, or principally white with markings of badger, gray, or varying shades of tan. 
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