Italian Greyhound

image via Wikipedia

Believed to have originated in the Mediterranean basin around 2,000 years ago, the Italian Greyhound was a darling of European sovereigns, including Francis I of France,  Catherine the Great of Russia, Frederick the Great of Prussia, and Queen Victoria. He is elegant, slender and graceful, a true Greyhound in miniature. The head is long and narrow, the eyes dark and expressive and the muzzle fine. The small ears are tossed back and folded. The body is arching over the loin, the chest is deep, and the tail is long and carried low. The legs are exquisitely boned, having long feet like those of a rabbit. The hair is satiny and soft to the touch, thin and glossy.

WEIGHT: 6-10 pounds
HEIGHT: 13-15 inches
COLOR: any color and markings, sans brindle and tan markings.

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