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The Pekingese was sacred to Chinese emperors as far back as the Tang dynasty of the 8th century. Thieving of a sacred dog was at one time punishable by death. After the British looted the Imperial Palace at Peking in 1860, one of four dogs smuggled out was gifted to Queen Victoria and a vogue began. Here is a dignified toy with bravery far beyond his size. Its head is broad and massive, muzzle super short, broad, and wrinkled. The eyes are dark and prominent. The body is deep, compact, big-boned, and lionlike—heavier in the front than in back. The short forelegs are strange in that the bones of the forearm are bowed. The feathered tail rests back to either side, and the coarse, thick coat has a lush mane which forms a ruff or frill around the neck.

WEIGHT: under 14 pounds
HEIGHT: 6-9 inches
COLOR: red, fawn, black, black and tan, sable, brindle, white, and parti-colored, frequently with black mask and spectacles.

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