Toy Dogs: Pomeranian

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This is a member of the Spitz family. This perky dog's name traces to Pomerania, where, around a century ago, it was bred down in size. Its ancestors were the northern sled dogs of Iceland and Lapland. When first presented to England during the mid-nineteenth century, some breeds weighed as much as 30 pounds. Despite its tiny size today, it has retained its make and shape. The Pom's body is short and dense having a level topline. A foxy head, small upright ears, dark almond-shaped eyes, thick coat, and crested tail laid flat over the back complete the picture.

WEIGHT: 3-7 pounds
HEIGHT: 6-7 inches
COLOR: any solid color, with or without lighter or darker shadings of the same color, or with sable or black shadings; particolor; sable; black and tan.

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