Working Dogs: Alaskan Malamute

image via Wikipedia

The Malamute, among the oldest of Arctic sled dogs, was named after the native Innuit tribe, called Mahlemuts, who took root in the north-western part of Alaska. Originally developed to hunt wolves and polar bears, and to haul sledges, in recent years he has been utilized for sled-dog racing and in polar expeditions. They are big and sturdy, having a broad and powerful head, upright triangular-shaped ears, slanting eyes, and distinctive face markings comprising of a cap over the head, with the rest of the face a solid color—or a face marked with the look of a mask. Its feet are the "snowshoe" type, tight and deep, with well-cushioned pads. Its thick and coarse coat is rather short.

WEIGHT: 75-85 pounds
HEICHT: 23-25 inches
COLOR: light gray through intermediate shadings to black with white. 

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