Working Dogs: Newfoundland

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Some authorities lay claim he is descended from Great Pyrenees dogs brought by Basque fishermen to the coast of Newfoundland; others consider his ancestors are French Boarhounds. An exceptionally powerful swimmer, it has saved many shipwrecked individuals from drowning. Strength is his trademark, together with a funny rolling gait. The body is strongly built and well-boned, the forelegs straight, the hind legs brawny and well-muscled. The head is massive having a broad skull, the muzzle broad and deep, eyes dark and deep-set, and small ears set well back and lying near the head. The tail drops straight or with a slight curve, while the coat is quite heavy and weather-resistant.

WEIGHT: 100-150 pounds
HEIGHT: 26-28 inches
COLOR: black, brown, grey, or white and black (Landseer). 
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