Working Dogs: Kuvasz

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The Kuvasz is an ancient breed whose ancestors came from Tibet, named after the Turkish Kwaz, meaning “the armed guard of nobility,” It was bred in his present form in Hungary and attained great  prominence throughout the reign of King Matthias I in the 15th century. There it served as a sheep herder and protected noblemen against assaults by the populace. He is characterized by a tough build. His body is deep-chested, broad in back, heavy-boned and muscular, and is embraced with luxurious white hair. His head, regarded to be the most beautiful part of the breed, is complemented by beautiful dark brown, moderately slanted eyes and V-shaped ears.

WEIGHT: males 100-115 pounds; females 70-90 pounds
HEIGHT: males 28-30 inches; females 26-28 inches
COLOR: white.

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