6 Things to Seriously Consider Before Getting a Dog or a Puppy

Whether getting a new puppy or a full-grown dog, it is very important to know its background. Unless the dog is rescued out of nowhere and remains unclaimed in a deserted location, you have to know some information about your new canine buddy's past.

This short list will be very useful to those who wish to adopt or buy a dog for the first time or those who wish to get a dog again after a long period of dog-less lifestyle. The dog pound or the dog breeder can surely give you enough information you will need. Often, you will have to ask.
  1. feeding and diet or dietary concerns and preferences
  2. care and treatment of previous owner (Was the dog treated kindly or abused by previous owner?)
  3. breed or traits of parents (certain breeds have unique traits
  4. medical history
  5. vaccinations
  6. current living environment

Knowing these tidbits of information will help you understand the dog's behavior as well as help you anticipate the necessary adjustments as soon as the dog starts living with you. Most dogs will generally respond positively to a loving and caring home.

Even dogs who have been raised in poor breeding and training conditions will still be able to adjust to proper training from a loving and patient human.

image by bravor1x/pixabay.com

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