6 Ways to Know a Dog's Social Personality

Before acquiring a new dog or puppy, know your preferences when it comes to your new canine buddy’s friendliness level. Each breed of dog has its own common social trait. How friendly or how timid do you want your new dog to be? There are several ways you can test the sociability factor of a dog.
Here’s a simple test. If possible, take the healthy puppy or dog in a place free of distraction then try to talk or communicate to the puppy using affectionate words or whiny, gentle, and high pitched sounds. The reaction of the puppy or dog will somehow reveal a personality which will determine your interaction with your new pet. Check out the common responses that may classify dogs according to their temperament.
Energetic/ hyperactive dog

  • Cocks head to one side 
  •  Jumps all over you 
  • Wags tail, jumps to you, runs around 
  •  Nips your hand or legs 
  •  Makes yipping sounds

Calm and even-tempered dog

  •  Approaches you slowly and may turn away 
  •  May snuggle 
  • Starts out as alert but will not approach you
Responsive or interactive dog
  • Cocks head to one side 
  •  Ears move to show alertness 
  • May run towards you or jump on you 
  •  Playful

Timid dog

  •  Backs away or barks at you 
  •  May whine back with a timid look 
  •  Ears are directed backwards 
  •  Approaches you in a crawling or submissive position
  • May lick your hands

Aggressive and alpha personality

  • Growls and curls lips 
  • May lunge at you
  • Posture: ears erect, straight tail upward

Aggressive afraid

  • Growls and curls lips 
  •  defensive but submissive posture: tail down, crouching

 More tips for testing a dogs temperament on the video below.


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