Housing and Bedding for New Puppies

Where is the best area to place a dog bed? When you have decided to bring home a puppy, the next thing to think about is place where your new canine buddy is going to live. This includes the type of dog bed that will be needed.

Dogs are loving companions and must be treated as family members who live with you in your house not someone who remains tied up 24/7 in an outdoor dog house. 

Many dog owners find the kitchen a most suitable place for dogs to stay. If a dog bed is not available yet, a cardboard box lined with a fabric such as an old towel or an old blanket would also be good enough. Make sure that the box and fabric are free of pointed objects such as staples, zippers and hooks. As soon as your budget allows, you may buy your dog a permanent bed which you can purchase from pet stores or through online shops.

It will be more economical to buy a dog bed that is adult sized. You will also need a blanket that can fit it the bed and warm your dog comfortably. It is also good to have at least two beds you can use interchangeably so that while the other is being washed, another bed can be used. 

You can also try using a canine duvet or a bean bag as the secondary dog bed. Remember to buy a cover for easier cleaning.

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