Can My Puppy Play Outdoors?

 Can you take a 3-6-month-old puppy outdoors? Naturally! But apply common sense. When it rains or snows, the puppy belongs inside the home. When it is exceedingly cold or very hot, hold him indoors. Draft, wind, and too much direct sun can prove disadvantageous. It is best to avoid them. This is most crucial with small and medium-size breeds. The bigger breeds at this age will be better used to being outdoors.

Keep in mind that most puppy coats are not dense and weather-resistant enough to keep him warm or to cover his body from the sun's rays. He is more sensitive to cold as well because he has more body surface for his weight than a grown dog.
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In fairly warm weather, a certain quantity of exercise on natural grass is good; but it's not safe for any length of time. Particularly when left to himself, the puppy will dig up dirt and stones and could swallow them. He'll enjoy sprawling out on the grass, but if he lies there very long he might get chilled from dampness even though the ground appears warm. If the owner plays with the pup for ten or fifteen minutes, two or three times every day in good weather, that's fine, and that will be adequate. Keep the pup moving and he would benefit from the outing. The safest type of outing for a young pup is in a playpen.
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