Tips on Worming Your Puppy

Opposed to what people may know, not all pups have worms. Don't dose your puppy, thus, using strong and dangerous medicines simply because you believe he needs them. Be very certain before you go ahead, and then carry on with caution and exactness.

Most reliable dog breeders worm their puppies prior to delivering them to new owners, so your pup might not need worming again for many months, if ever. All the same, since worms are somewhat common in young dogs, it's sensible to be on the alert for them.

There are numerous signs of worms, for they trouble a puppy in several ways. His abdomen may seem bloated or excessively fat, particularly after eating, more than the amount of food devoured appears to warrant. He could spit up or vomit often in miniscule amounts. He may be unergetic and disinterested in play. His appetite may be irregular: one day he might eat greedily, and another day refuse food totally. His bowels, likewise, may be watery. Roundworms, which resemble one-to-three-inch pieces of string, are often released in the stool. They can also be vomited. These are the most more common kind of worms that infect young dogs, and pups can be born having round worms, infected in the womb by their mother.

When worms are suspected or in fact seen in the stool, it's wiser for the new dog owner to allow his veterinarian order the dosage rather than trying to do it himself. Get the pup, together with a specimen of his stool, to the vet, who will judge the type of worm present with microscopic examination, and prescribe medication. The fee for the exam will be low. If you do not know the kind of worm present, do not give your dog an over-the-counter worming preparation. The dosage suggested on the package can not take into consideration the situation of every individual puppy, implying that your dog might be less rugged than normal. He could be weakened by the worms or some other ailment and his resistance brought down for the time being. If this is the case, even the usual dose for his size and weight could be dangerous. That's why a vet prescription is preferred to patent remedies.
With contemporary over-the-counter medicines, it isn't hard to free a puppy of roundworms. Instructions for dosing will be found on worm medicines sold in pharmacies and pet stores. When you use one of these, consult your vet regarding the safety of the brand, then make sure you follow instructions accurately for dispensing the medicine to puppies.
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The quantity of worm medicine varies with the puppy's age and weight. This is where the peril lies, when the unsophisticated dog-owner tries home worming. Worm remedies are irritating to tender intestinal tissue layer. They are hard on the digestion as well. It is crucial to administer some worm medications just after a period of fasting. The dose is normally given the first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach; meaning, before any food or milk is given. And then no food is given for at least two hours or a specified time. You will find detailed directions on the package. Be sure you follow them to the letter.

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