Pet Steps and Pet Ramps To Help Your Cats and Dogs

People love seeing a puppy or kitten in the house bounce and play around the house on a cushion of the couch, jump on the bed, pounce on a window and jump up. But those days do not last forever. As our pets age, or when recovering from an injury or illness, they don't jump as high as they did before. Getting up on a bed or a sofa becomes almost an impossible task.
Brinkmann Pet Deluxe Pet Steps - 3 Step
There are a number of ways you can help an aging, disabled, or handicapped pet to move around more easily. These include rear lift harnesses or belts, wheelchairs for dogs and rugs for a solid foundation. One of the most basic tools with disabilities is a pet step or pet ramp.
Pet Gear Tri-Fold Pet Ramp for cats and dogs up to 200-pounds, Grey

Available are different types of pet stairs and pet ramps to choose from. Each has unique applications...READ MORE>>>

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