Puppies Sleeping with People

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Must the puppy be permitted to sleep in your or your kid's bed? By all means, if you prefer it that way. Provided the pup is sweet and clean and housebroken, no harm would be done to adults or kids, except in the rare instance of human allergy to dog dander. Bringing the puppy with him is among the best means of persuading a child to go restfully to bed. It is also an excellent comforter for lonesome people, young, old, or middle-aged.
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So far as the puppy himself is concerned, he rests warm and draft-free, with zero danger of chilling when the house heat comes down. If you are afraid of pampering your puppy, remember that some require coddling—if such a term may be used to entail sleeping warmly. A puppy's energy is confined; it can be used for keeping warm or for growing, so allow him to grow.

There are setbacks to having the puppy sleep together with people. Once you start it, you might have to keep it up. The pup would be quite definite to ask you that. Moreover, sleeping covered would "soften" him to a certain point. He should not sleep in a warm bed one night and alone in a cold room the next time.
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The short-coated, thin-skinned small puppy used to sleeping covered must be given a blanket to curl up in for day naps. Create a flannel cover for the blanket or pillow, and leave the ends open so he could crawl in. The aged puppy knows enough to do this. When it's warm, he will sleep outside; when it's chilly, he will crawl in, snug as a bug in a rug. When you have occasion to board out a dog that has forever slept in bed, tell the kennel so they'll offer the additional night warmth needed. If they can't, then board the dog elsewhere.

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