Puppy Care During Summer or Hot Weather

It's easier to keep a puppy warm than to keep him cool. When a dog gets overheated and perspires, he needs a lot of drinking water to substitute lost fluids. A pan of water laid for him in the morning isn't sufficient. Provide fresh, cool water numerous times daily. Make sure that both the water and the bowl being used for feeding are clean.

Throughout hot weather, exercise your dog in the morning or evening and protect him out of the midday sun. Assure that his outdoor exercise pen has a segment of shade.
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Do not worry if your dog goes a bit off his food on a hot spell; he may be quite reasonable about eating less at such a time. Give him the same type of food but not quite so much of it. Don't take him for long rides, particularly if you have to leave him alone in the car for any duration of time. A car parked in direct sunlight gets hot inside too quickly; in just minutes, the interior temperature can soar up to 110° F.

Don't clip off his coat because it will help to screen the skin against sunburn and insect bites. Daily brushing would remove many of the dead undercoat which adds to overheating and discomfort. Heavy coats can be reduced but never given a "crewcut." Do not use toxic weed killers or plant sprays where your puppy plays. They can kill your dog or cause him to be quite ill. Fresh paint and varnish should also be kept out of reach.

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