Working Dogs: Great Dane

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The Great Dane sprang up in Germany, not in Denmark as one might conjecture, and has been recognized as a distinct type for over 400 years. The growing of the modern type began in Germany in the 19th century, where they were used as a boarhound, and continued in England and the U.S. Its a giant breed, dignified and regal, having a powerful, well-formed body. Its head is long, narrow, and delicately chiselled, his muzzle deep and square with full flews. The eyes are typically dark and quite bright; the ears must be well-pointed and set erect when cropped, otherwise they drop forward near the cheeks. The coat is short, thick, and glossy.

WEIGHT: 120-160 pounds
HEIGHT: males over 30 inches; females over 28 inches
COLOR: brindle, fawn, blue, black, harlequin (pure white with black patches).
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